Join a language club!

Part of OrneLink’s remit is to facilitate social and linguistic exchange between members. Many expat members of the network would like to improve their French; but lessons can be costly, inconvenient and hard to stick at. There are also many French members who would love the opportunity to practice or improve their English.

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This Saturday, last chance to visit the exhibition "Haches de Guerre"

The exhibition devoted to Canadian lumberjacks in the forest of Normandy, will be open for one extra day to the public tomorrow Saturday, 3rd July (2pm - 4pm) at the Departmental Archives in Alençon. Free admission.

This exhibition invites you to discover the role of the Canadian Forestry Corps, its relations with citizens and local authorities, the daily lives of Canadian lumberjacks in French forests in general and in the forests of Normandy in particular. Library resources and iconographic exhibits come from many British institutions, Canadian and French official sources (military records, prefectural, judicial) and local newspapers with unprecedented image resources of great interest.

We encourage everyone to take this opportunity to view this exhibit !

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