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Part of OrneLink’s remit is to facilitate social and linguistic exchange between members. Many expat members of the network would like to improve their French; but lessons can be costly, inconvenient and hard to stick at. There are also many French members who would love the opportunity to practice or improve their English.

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Membersort icon Nationality Town / village
Cecile Gallet's picture
Cecile Gallet French La Ciotat
Céline Crégut's picture
Céline Crégut French Alençon
Celine Gibert's picture
Celine Gibert French Alencon
Céline Lebulanger's picture
Céline Lebulanger French Echalou
Céline Perret's picture
Céline Perret French Perrou
Chantal Menu's picture
Chantal Menu French Les Menus
Charlène Banville's picture
Charlène Banville French Alençon
Charles Wilkins's picture
Charles Wilkins GB Vimoutiers
Charlotte Rychlik's picture
Charlotte Rychlik British La Ferte Mace
Chris Barker's picture
Chris Barker English Domfront
Chris Dolley's picture
Chris Dolley British Joue du Bois
Chris Hilyer's picture
Chris Hilyer British Domfront
Chris McManners's picture
Chris McManners English Vieux
Chrissie Lord's picture
Chrissie Lord British Madre
Chrissie Wardle's picture
Chrissie Wardle British Reading
Christian Jego's picture
Christian Jego French bagnoles de l'orne
Christine Bardel's picture
Christine Bardel French SAINT NICOLAS DES BOIS
Christine Batty's picture
Christine Batty British bocquençé
Christine Darras's picture
Christine Darras French Lonlay le Tesson
Christine Elbourne's picture
Christine Elbourne British Mortrée