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Part of OrneLink’s remit is to facilitate social and linguistic exchange between members. Many expat members of the network would like to improve their French; but lessons can be costly, inconvenient and hard to stick at. There are also many French members who would love the opportunity to practice or improve their English.

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Orne Council's new website

For those of you who haven't been following on facebook or twitter, you may have missed the launch of Orne Council's new website last Monday.

The French version is packed with information, news, videos, events, and lots more. But we've also created an English version of the website with information about the council and the various services we run; such as teleworking; roads & transports; social care; culture, heritage & the environment... with links to all our guides, forms and contact details.

Have a look around the site, and don't forget to let us know what you think: either using the feedback form on the site or on twitter (@scarletmerill or the hashtag #ornefr) or on facebook.

World Book Day

The 23rd April is World Book Day, so to get everyone into the spirit we’ve set up a new category on the Exchange called ‘Book swap’. If you have some books around the house that you think someone else would enjoy reading, post a message on the Exchange. On the 23rd April, OrneLink will offer a gift to five people, selected at random, who chose to share the joy of reading with other members. See how it works here.

Meet Julie Gateau

Julie lives near Moulins la Marche and recently started a business making soft furnishings.

Looking for Volunteers! May 21st

Orne Tourist Board is organising the first edition of “Les Foulées de la voie verte” on May 21st. This half-marathon will start in Valframbert and end at the Mêle sur Sarthe Lake and will use most of the Green Lane Alençon-Condé-sur-Huisne. 

Wishing to give this sporting event a friendly and festive touch, the Tourist Board is looking for musical entertainment and other activities to develop along the course, like music groups, musicians, drummers, choirs, if you are interested please get in touch (details below).

Such an event needs a strong team of volunteers in order to succeed. The organizing team is also looking for volunteers to ensure the smooth running of the race.

For more information, or to send us your ideas, please contact me, Elise Connors, at the Orne Tourist Board (Tel. 02 33 28 88 71 –

Staying connected

Don't forget to stay connected with Orne Council. We have a new Facebook page where you can get exclusives and information, take part in competitions and share with other people from the area. And on twitter you can stay up to date with all the latest news from the Council.

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