Join a language club!

Part of OrneLink’s remit is to facilitate social and linguistic exchange between members. Many expat members of the network would like to improve their French; but lessons can be costly, inconvenient and hard to stick at. There are also many French members who would love the opportunity to practice or improve their English.

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Making business work

If you run a business, or if you have plans to start one, we’d love to hear from you. We’d like to be able to help you out more, so we’re compiling a listing of all the expat talent that’s out there.

It doesn’t matter if your business is part-time or a multi-national and it doesn’t matter what you do; as well as the more 'usual' searches we've done, we've had requests for a bagpipe player and a radio station looking for an English person to do a voice-over!

An online business directory, help with prospecting, advice & support and business meetups are just some of our projects for 2012. If there are other ways we can help, please let us know.

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Happy New Year

Alain Lambert,
Former Minister and President of Orne Council,
and the OrneLink Team
wish you a Happy New Year

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Le Brewery gets a gold medal

Le Brewery, run by Steve Skews at Joué du Bois, has been awarded a gold medal for its stout "Odo" at the Mondial de la Bière in Strasbourg. Brewers from 17 countries competed this year.

"Odo" is 'a real traditional English milk stout, reminiscent of Makeson, Jubilee & Bristol. Rich, dark and moreish', which you may have sampled at one of our Garden Parties.

For more information about the different beers brewed right here in the Orne: We also filmed Steve and Jane last year. Our congratulations to Steve and his team!

Meet the Robinsons

The Robinsons moved to Caligny, near Flers, five years ago. To find out more about Simon's stainless steel sculptures, click here

A beautiful day for a Garden Party

Over 300 adults and children attended our third Garden Party on Saturday 2nd July at the Hôtel du département. And we were blessed with a beautiful sunny day! Alain Lambert and the OrneLink team would like to thank everyone who came, and we hope that you had a wonderful time. 

We would like to thank the musicians for their wonderful performances: Phil Washington, Barry Weekes, Miscellaneous Jazz and Memphis Reward. 

Thanks also to Elizabeth Ingham, who ran a drama workshop in the childrens' tent, where youngsters also took part in mask-painting and set-design.

You can see photos of the party in our Gallery... don't forget to tag the people you recognise !

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